Gold Silver Bronze YouTube Replica Playbutton Award Fake Play Button Wall Plaque


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REPLICA YouTube Play Button Award

Choose GoldSilverBronze, or Red/White
-Play Button

Many YouTubers work hard on their channel and would like to have something to show for it. This personalized frame is an exceptional way to recognize the efforts of smaller channels. 

It makes a thoughtful gift for friends and loved ones who spend a lot of time making videos. 

Use it to celebrate reaching a milestone, such as a certain number of subscribers or total views on your channel. 

YouTube makes it very difficult to earn the real award (100,000 subscribers for Silver, and a million subscribers for Gold) which is nearly impossible for most people. It feels good to have something for your efforts and to celebrate reaching a certain level. 

YouTubers often put in a lot of time making videos. It’s encouraging to acknowledge how far you’ve come in making your channel awesome. It gives you something visual or your desk or wall to remind you of your achievements.

This framed item is also great as a collectible on your desk or shelf (simply because you LOVE watching YouTube!) It makes a nice gift for anyone who’s a fan of YouTube.


Is the play button metal?  


Do you ship to all countries?
Yes, unless fraud is suspected (rarely happens).

How do I let you know what I want printed?  

-EBAY MESSAGE (look for the ‘attach photos’ button)
-NOTE TO SELLER during the checkout process

What info do I give you?
Any part can be blank. You can choose:
(2) USER NAME or person’s name
(3) IMAGE, photo, or channel logo
(4) MESSAGE (such as “CONGRATULATIONS For Surpassing…”)
     Or scroll down more wording suggestions in bold print.

No channel? No problem!  

Use your real name. Or a famous YouTuber’s name. Or just have the YouTube logo centered on it.

Can I send you a link to my channel logo?  

Yes, I can get the image right from your YouTube page.

Does the frame have glass? 

Can I choose any user name? 
Yes, your real name, user name, OR any famous YouTuber’s name. Or leave it blank (it still looks exceptional).

Can I have my channel logo on it?  
Yes, at no additional charge. Though the channel logo is optional. Send ANY image or photo. If the pic can’t be used for some reason I will contact you. 99% of the time, the color of your logo will look like it appears on your monitor.

Can I have a gray background?  
Yes, just let me know when you purchase. YouTube made a few versions with the gray background and slightly varied wording. Most buyers like the Classic Black background (and I agree that it looks best). I’m happy to send you a comparison (gray vs. black).

I forgot to specify the background color. 
You’ll receive black (just like the photo) when the background color is not specified. 

Will the font look like the photo?


In the past year I’ve been using a similar, better-looking font (more like the original). Buyers have be very happy with it.

What’s the exact wording on the official award (black background)?
SILVER award:  “CONGRATULATIONS For Surpassing 100,000 Subscribers” 
  GOLD award:  “CONGRATULATIONS For Surpassing One Million Subscribers”

Can I choose totally different wording?
Yes, any message. 

What are some ideas for alternative wording? 

“CONGRATULATIONS Award for the Biggest Fan of YouTube”
“CONGRATULATIONS on Achieving 50 Subscribers”
“CONGRATULATIONS on Achieving Great Videos on YouTube”
“CONGRATULATIONS for Surpassing 1,000 Total Views”
“CONGRATULATIONS for Surpassing 10,000 Likes”
“CONGRATULATIONS to the Most Faithful Follower of YouTube”
“CONGRATULATIONS to the Most Frequent Watcher of YouTube”
“CONGRATULATIONS on Becoming Internationally Known”
“CONGRATULATIONS for Kinda Being A Good Youtuber”
“CONGRATULATIONS on Your New YouTube Channel”
“CONGRATULATIONS for Becoming Well-Known on YouTube”
“CONGRATULATIONS for Surpassing 1,000 Hours of Watching YouTube”

“CONGRATULATIONS for Surpassing 100,000 Visits”
“CONGRATULATIONS for Reaching 10,000 Subscribers”

“CONGRATULATIONS on Having Your Channel for 10 Years”

“CONGRATULATIONS for Surpassing 1,000 Hours of Watching YouTube Videos”
“CONGRATULATIONS on Watching Over One Million YouTube Videos”
“CONGRATULATIONS for Being Awesome on YouTube”

“THANK YOU for Making Your Channel”

“THANK YOU for Being a Great YouTuber”

“THANK YOU for Being a Loyal Fan of YouTube”

“THANK YOU for Uploading 100 Videos”

“THANK YOU for Being You Since 2010”
“THANK YOU for Contributing Great Videos on YouTube”
“THANK YOU for Your Contribution of Outstanding Gaming Videos”

“THANK YOU for 2 Years of Broadcasting”
“(Your name) is better than PewDiePie”

“ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Award for Excellent Prank Videos”
“ACKNOWLEDGEMENT for Creating Your Channel”
“You don’t need to surpass ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS to be a great YouTuber”

Can you print the wording in another language

Yes, no problem.

Can I give this to kids?  

Yes, the majority of my customers buy them for kids. The tabs on the back of the frame are strong (most 8 year olds have a hard time with them). But if your child were to open the back of the frame, you could consider taping the back shut with strong tape (such as Gorilla

 brand tape). Or just hang it higher up on the wall to prevent access.

Is this the licensed, official YouTube Creator Reward?  
No, but this nice-looking replica makes an awesome gift.

What are the measurements?  
8″ x 6″ inch frame (with 2″ play button).

If I purchase again in the future, will the next one I buy look exact?


It’s very likely that the frame, font, etc. will be the same. Or send a photo of the previous award you purchased and I’ll match it as closely as possible.

Can the color be customized?


Yes, just send an image (or link from Google). Or I can try to match a color in your channel logo. 

Contact me by:


-NOTE TO SELLER at checkout

Does it take longer for a custom color play button?


Usually just one or two days longer. 

Is it ready to hang on the wall?  
Yes it comes with hardware already attached. Or the frame is thick enough that it can stand on a desk or shelf.

Will you package it carefully?  
Yes, with lots of cushioning to ensure it arrives safely.

What if I forget to communicate my order details?
If we can’t get in touch with you we’ll wait on your order until you contact us. 

Will the item arrive smelling unpleasant?


No, they were stored in a smoke-free, pet-free, fragrance-free environment.

Can you ship it faster than the stated time?


Usually it’s no problem! Just let me know you need it sooner and I’m happy to help 🙂

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International Shipping

Possibly (upon request). Please contact me